October Horror Movie Bucket List- Part Two

Week two of October already? I’m sad to say that this month is just flying by.

To take your mind off the ‘October’s ending soon blues,’ here’s part two of my series on 31 horror movies you probably haven’t heard of. If you haven’t already checked out part one, make sure you show some love over there too!

31 Horror Movies.jpg

Sleepaway Camp– When Angela Baker and her cousin Ricky head to Camp Arawak for the summer, the campers are in for more than just volleyball and swimming in the lake. This great 80s slasher has a shocking ending you won’t want to miss.

Make sure to check out my full review previously written for Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews.

Death of a Ghost Hunter– Renowned ghost hunter Carter Simms is asked to investigate a haunted home. She, with her small investigation team, spend a few days in the home all the while unraveling the secrets of the house’s past.

Tales of Halloween– What’s better than watching a Halloween-themed movie? 10 Halloween-themed movies in one! This anthology series is filled with ghosts, demons, monsters, and more.

Fun fact: Fangoria called this film, “The best horror anthology since Trick ‘r Treat.”

My Mom’s a Werewolf– After unsuspecting and dissatisfied housewife Leslie Shaber is put under the spell and bit by werewolf Harry Thropen. When Leslie starts growing fans, is howling at the moon, and is covered in body hair, it’s up to Leslie’s daughter Jennifer and her best friend to reverse the spell. If you’re looking for a lighthearted horror movie this month, you can’t go wrong with My Mom’s a Werewolf.

Darkness Falls– A vengeful spirit takes the form of the tooth fairy. As legend has it in the town of Darkness Falls when the tooth fairy comes to exchange your tooth for a coin the only rule is not to look at her. When Michael accidentally opens his eyes and sees the fairy, his older sister Caitlin calls her ex-boyfriend Michael, the only other person to have seen the tooth fairy.

Curtains– Yet another incredible 80s slasher film. Curtains follow six young actresses as they audition for “Audra” in well-known director Johnathan Stryker’s upcoming film. The woman are invited to a remote home where a masked murderer appears, will there be anyone left to fill the role?

The Pact– Annie, despite her hesitation, returns to her childhood home to attend her mother’s funeral. The only reason Annie changed her mind was because her sister, who arrived at the home earlier that week, Nichole, went missing. When Annie arrives, despite Nichole not being there, she quickly learns that she’s not alone.

Strange Events– Another horror-anthology, Strange Events brings a series of short stories alive. The tales, based on ghosts, monsters, and the straight-up bizarre, prove that nowhere is truly safe.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space– A small town is in awe when what they believe to be Halley’s Comet crashes in a nearby forest. To their surprise, two curious teens, Mike and Debbie, explore the crash site to find a circus tent. Little do they know, the tent is full of, yes, killer clowns from outer space.

Into the Forest– A film with a Blair Witch feel, three paranormal investigators enter the forest where several people have gone missing. Set out to create a pilot episode for a hopeful show, they set up cameras around their campsite. In the morning, they discover all the files were corrupt. Desperate to get paranormal footage, the three decide to spend another night in the forest. If only they left when they had the chance.

Have you seen any of the films on my list? What did you think about them, specifically the ones highlighted this week? I’d love to hear what you think. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like to see a full review for any of the films mentioned this week.

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