My Funny Valentine

She’s looking to change the world. He’s looking for a fresh start. What happens when two unlikely people cross paths? An unexpected romance that leaves both of them simultaneously running away and wanting so much more.

Isobel, Iz, Powell is your classic good girl. Straight As throughout school, a master’s degree on the horizon, and a plan to better the lives of those less fortunate. But looks can be deceiving. Iz has a dark secret that no one—not even her long-time best friend Suze—knows about. She gets through life just fine keeping that secret to herself. That is until her girl’s trip to Punta Cana is ruined first by illness and then by a blizzard that grounds all flights. That’s when she meets Dean—the walking disaster she can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Dean Kennedy needs to start over. Life hasn’t exactly been kind to him, so when a job opportunity promises to take him hundreds of miles from home, he jumps on the chance without batting an eye. There’s only one problem. His plane emergency lands in a small New England town, leaving him stuck with no way to get to his job. He’s ready to throw in the towel, accepting his life will never get better, when he meets Isobel.

A blizzard and a computer glitch later, Iz and Dean end up getting double-booked in a one-bedroom cabin with nothing more than a queen-sized bed they have no choice but to share. Will Dean learn to let someone into his heart? Will Iz find the strength to overcome her hidden past and love again? Only time will tell in this stand-alone, close-proximity holiday love story.