Welcome to the official website of Caitlyn Grey. As a lover of all things scary, Grey is excited to be part of the next generation of horror. Her first novel, Lost Girls, debuted in January 2019. Her second novel, The Seventh Day, does not have a release date yet but is set to premiere in fall 2019.

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Lost Girls Cover_CrowLOST GIRLS

When Felicity saw her face on a missing person poster she wasn’t afraid because she would be kidnapped. She was afraid because she would be okay with it.

At 24-years-old, Felicity Walker’s seemingly average life was anything but that.
She had endured enough heartache and life-altering events for one lifetime. With the help of Heather, her best friend, Felicity was able to get a grip on the mental health issues that kept her captive for years. All of her healing went out the window when Felicity strayed off the path during her morning run and found herself at an abandoned campsite. There, she found herself surrounded by missing person posters. The most unsettling of them all was the poster that wore her name and that day’s date. After going to the police, further investigations
were halted as the police thought it was solved. Unfortunately for Felicity’s trusting disposition, it was far from closed.

Lost Girls is the long sought-after novel for the individual who wants to read, but has twenty-five hours worth of work to do in one day. It’s fast-paced, continuously developing plot makes for the perfect weekend read. The relatively short, highly detailed chapters make it possible to be transported to a world where the lines
between who you can and can’t trust are blurred while on your lunch break,
waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or while the kids take a nap. If you’re looking
for a novel full of mystery, suspense, and endless thrills that gets you hooked in t
he first chapter, Lost Girls is the novel for you.

Lost Girls is now available at Amazon.com.To read chapter one now, check out her blog post.