31 Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Heard Of- Part Three

Well, we’ve made it to part three of my lesser-known horror movie bucket list. With only 11 movies left on our list, I hope you’ve been able to check out at least a few of these movies.

Just with last week, if you haven’t already checked out part one and part two, please do so so you can read the other 20 movie synopsis.

31 Horror Movies

Final Exam– After a poor prank from one of the fraternities the remaining students on campus at the end of the semester are on edge. To make matters worse, a psycho killer is on the loose. Will these college kids survive the night when the killer comes to campus, or will their exam truly be their final exam?

Boo– Four college students enter a hospital that was abandoned after a fire that killed many residents. What started out as a night of scary pranks turns into a truly terrifying night.

Voice from the Stone– After his mother falls suddenly ill and passes, Jakob falls silent. Specialty nurse Verena moves to the remote castle in Tuscany to help the child and his windower father. When the voice from the stone begins talking to Verena, just as it does to Jakob, Verena too falls ill. This artistic thriller ends with a surprising end.

Prophecy– Dr. Robert Verne and his wife travel to Maine, the location of a disruption between the Native American tribe and a logging company. After doing some tests, it’s revealed that the water the logging company is using has extremely high levels of mercury and explains that even the smallest amounts could lead to birth defects—cue a series of mutant wild creatures.

The Harvesting– A couple decides to uproot their small family for the summer and escape to Amish Country in hopes of saving their marriage. Little do they know that a malevolent force it at play that wants to tear the family apart.

Hatchet– Uninterested in the Mardi Gras scene after his recent breakup, Ben ditches of his friends to check out a swamp tour. Wanting to be there for his friend, Marcus also ditches the group to join Ben on the tour. Unbeknownst to them, the swamp tour they book is run by an amateur tour guide in a forbidden area because of the serial killer Victor Crowley. The evening turns sour when their boat starts to sink, but only gets worse from there.

Hide in the Light– A group of urban explorers enters an abandoned orphanage. Planning to only stay for less than two hours, the group quickly finds themselves trapped in the building, all thanks to the spirit of a young girl who wants to play hide-&-go-seek in the dark.

The Hole in the Ground– Single mother moves her son to the Irish countryside to escape her abusive past. After her son, Chris, runs into the neighboring woods and disappears for a short period of time, strange events start to take place, all radiating back to a huge sinkhole in the woods.

To read my full review for this film, visit Cedar Hollow’s blog.

The Gate– A supernatural monster movie filled with demons, creatures, and using love to conquer all. When Glen and best friend Terry accidentally open the gateway for ancient demons to enter their world, the two, with the help of Glen’s older sister Al, must send the monsters back where they belong.

The Caretaker– When the family has exhausted all of the eligible caretakers, Mallorie is forced to return home to tend to her elderly grandmother. She and her boyfriend August try desperately to find someone else, but they all either refuse or are unequipped. After a few nights of staying in the house, Mal’s sleepwalking gets worse, which worries August. That mixed with the unstable grandmother Birdie and Mal’s sudden change, August begs her to leave. She refuses.

The Unraveling– A group of friends stages a kidnapping when their drug-addicted friend misses his own bachelor party. Their hope was getting him away from the drugs would help him realize what he’s missing. When friends start to go missing and some end up dead, Michael fights desperately to survive in this psychological thriller.

Have you seen any of the films on my list? What did you think about them, specifically the ones highlighted this week? I’d love to hear what you think. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like to see a full review for any of the films mentioned this week.

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