Day 5- If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now…

If I could be anywhere else right now it would be at this tree at a park about 30 minutes from my home.


To make a long story short, I came to this park to get a break from some schoolwork. I was drawn to a small path that branched off of another side path. I was hesitant to go that far from the main trail, as I was alone on this day. When I walked up the hill of the path, I was pleasantly surprised to find this contorted, tortured-looking tree. I ended up spending almost an hour just staring at this tree and trying to capture its odd beauty with my camera.

The crooked branches of the tree grew upwards toward the menacing sky. The wall of barren trees engulfed this singular, discolored tree I like to call the Grim Reaper. Maybe it was my obsession with the macabre that drew me to the tree, or maybe it was just my love of nature that called for me to move away from the crowded trail. Regardless of the reasoning, I’d rather be there than anywhere else any day.

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