My January TBR List

We’ve gone another year around the sun. Another trip brings a new month, which means it’s time for another TBR list!

One thing I’m doing differently this year is committing to read fewer books each month. I’m still not thrilled with this decision, but reading less each month makes more room for working on other things. If you haven’t already guessed, that means I’m writing another book! But that’s an update for another day. Now, let’s get into the three books I’ll read this month.

The Hating Game

Josh and Lucy absolutely hate each other. They spend nearly every second at work playing mind games with one another, trying to get the other to break first. To make matters worse, a new position within the company is announced, and both are frontrunners.

But Lucy has a bigger problem than beating out her nemesis for the promotion. Josh keeps popping into her dreams in the worst way. It’s at this point that Lucy realizes there isn’t much of a difference between hating someone and loving them. A temporary lapse in judgment and an elevator trip later, Lucy struggles to keep her distance from the man she swears she hates but isn’t so sure anymore.

Immortal Poison

After getting her life back together after a near-fatal drug overdose, Piper is living the life in Philadelphia with her best friend, Kit. One night shatters this perfect-life illusion. Piper wakes up with a terrible hangover, realizing she remembers nothing that happened from the night before. As if things could get any worse, Piper finds a strange man in her apartment. He’s not there to cause harm. Rather, he’s there to inform her of her new transition to vampire.

Suddenly finding her world turned upside down—literally as she finds herself in the underworld of Philadelphia—Piper struggles to balance the old with the new, all while keeping her addictive past as far away as possible.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Evelyn Hugo is a reclusive Hollywood starlet from the 1950s. In her later years, she’s finally ready to tell her story, but she won’t tell it to anyone. She picks an unknown magazine and unknown reporter, Monique, to tell her story. Determined that this is the big break she needs, Monique listens to everything Evelyn tells her.

No shortage of romance, ambition, and life in Hollywood. It fascinates Monique with everything Evelyn tells her. But, as Evelyn tells her story, Monique realizes they are connected in a tragic, irreversible way.

What Are You Reading?

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