My Funny Valentine Virtual Launch Party

The day’s finally here! It’s My Funny Valentine release day!

I’m so excited to finally share this novel with you all. It’s been quite a few years that lead me to this point. I never thought I’d publish something so out of my comfort zone before, but I had the absolute best time writing this. These past few months leading up to launch have really tested my patience. On more than one occasion, I almost released the novel early just because I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem anymore!

Now that we got my excited rambling out of the way, I’d like to welcome you to my virtual launch party. I’m so happy you decided to join me on this exciting adventure. Let the party begin!

What’s a Virtual Launch Party?

Not everyone can be around to celebrate in person, so a virtual launch party is a way for everyone—regardless of location—to celebrate my newly released novel.

Grab your favorite beverage, pop in your headphones, and enjoy the official My Funny Valentine playlist while celebrating the novel’s launch.

How Can I Participate in the Virtual Launch Party?

There are lots of ways you can participate in the launch of My Funny Valentine. Here are some things you can do right from the comfort of your own home!

1). Share a Hype Post

Tell your friends and family about this launch by sharing something online. Feel free to share any of the posts I’ve shared on my Instagram account, or create your own post.

2). Ask a Question

Use this form to ask a question I’ll use later in a Q&A post:

3). Purchase a Copy of My Funny Valentine

Purchasing a copy of My Funny Valentine is another great way you can participate in the virtual launch party. You can purchase a paperback or eBook copy of this novel from most major retailers.

You can also order an autographed bundle through my website by clicking the button below:

This bundle includes a completely customizable autographed copy of My Funny Valentine, one of 5 bookmark designs, a hot beverage, and some chocolates. Here’s a sample bundle box.

4). Leave a Review

Reviews are crucial for indie authors. They let other readers know if they should read the novel, and they help make my novel more visible to other interested readers.

5). Shout Out Those Who Helped Make My Funny Valentine Possible

While I like to experiment with visual design, I am no expert. The beautiful cover design for My Funny Valentine 100% is all thanks to Bitik Creative. Take a minute out of your day to send them a quick shout-out and tell them how amazing a job they did on this cover!

I also want to send a huge shout-out to Naomi Castro (Art by Nay) who did two stunning commissions for this novel. Please send Nay some love by considering commissioning something from Nay in the future.

Even More Ways to Celebrate the Launch of My Funny Valentine

Looking for even more ways to celebrate the launch of My Funny Valentine? Check out my previous posts about this novel:

You’ll also find extra content on my Instagram and TikTok page.

Let the Party Keep Rolling

Today isn’t the only day we’ll be celebrating the launch of My Funny Valentine. There’ll be more posts throughout the week on my social accounts, and you can always participate in these launch activities anytime, anywhere. That’s the glory of having a virtual party!

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I can’t wait for you to read my latest novel and see what you have to say.

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