Looking to Watch Some Horror? Check Out My Favorite 2009 Horror Movies!

If you’re anything like me, October means it’s time to binge all your favorite horror movies. Whether you’re looking for something new or want some throw-back horror movies, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of my top 9 favorite horror movies from 2009!

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Now let’s take a look at which movies made it on the list!

Please note: These movies are listed in no particular order.

Spoilers: While I feel this shouldn’t be necessary, I will add that this will have spoilers. So, if you want to watch any of these movies but haven’t yet, I would do that before reading through!

1). Orphan

A young couple’s looking to add one more to their family. A girl is looking for a family of her own. It’s a match made in heaven…or so they think.

With two kids of their own, Danial and Max, Esther is the perfect fit for Kate and John Coleman’s family. She’s extremely mature and well-mannered. But the couple quickly realizes there’s something wrong with Esther. While appearing perfectly behaved, she’s anything but.

When bad things happen to Esther’s new siblings and her classmates, Kate digs deeper into her daughter’s past. The secret she reveals will have you questioning the past of those closest to you.

2). The Last House on the Left

Two young girls, Mari and Paige, decide to head into town while enjoying a vacation at the lake house. While in town, they meet Justin and go back to his hotel room to hang out. When they do, everything goes wrong.

A violent gang enters Justin’s room, surprised to see the young women. Now that Mari and Paige know who they are, they begin a brutal assault that leaves them both dead. Satisfied, the gang heads to the lake house they saw a few miles back to seek refuge from the storm. The only problem is that the house they picked is Mari’s house. Her parents graciously let them stay in their guest house for the night, unaware of the crimes they committed.

When Mari returns home, battered and bruised, her parents ask her what happen. When they find out, they begin crafting a brutal revenge plan.

3). The Haunting in Connecticut

Based on a true story, A Haunting in Connecticut tells the story of the Campbell family. The family’s had a rough go recently. Their son, Matt, isn’t responding well to his cancer treatment. The hours of traveling between his appointments and home are taking their toll. So, the family decides to move so they’re closer to his doctor.

When they find a beautiful Victorian home within their budget, the family believes things are starting to look up. But, they should know that some things are too good to be true. Once a funeral home where unspeakable acts were performed, the family is soon tormented by the spirits of the past.

4). The Unborn

Casey sees a boy everywhere she goes. But he’s not just any boy. There’s something about him—something evil—Casey can’t seem to figure out. When her irises start changing colors, she learns that her parents never told her she was supposed to be a twin, but her brother died in the womb.

Now, Casey suspects she’s haunted by the spirit of her never-born brother. Searching for answers, she discovers this evil entity has much darker roots than she ever expected.

5). The Uninvited

After the sudden death of her mother, Anna spends time in a mental health facility while she recovers from the trauma. While she can’t remember anything from the night of her mother’s death, she’s discharged from the hospital.

Upon returning home, she’s surprised to see her sister, Alex, is around since she never visited her while she was in the hospital. But Alex’s sudden return in her life is nothing compared to the shock that her father remarried Rachel, her mother’s nurse.

Because of the timing, Anna and Alex believe Rachel may have had something to do with their mother’s unexpected death. The two search for proof of Rachel’s involvement, but what they dig up is so much worse than they ever expected.

6). Case 39

A social worker is assigned to check in on the well-being of Lily Sullivan. After speaking to Lily and examining the home, Emily believes Lily is being abused. Shortly after, Emily receives a call in the middle of the night from Lily who says her parents are trying to kill her. Before anything is done, Emily arrives at the house with detectives who arrest her parents on scene.

Emily decides to give Lily the stable support she needs and invites her to stay with her for a little while. Not long after, terrible and supernatural things start happening. The more destruction in Emily’s life, the more she suspects something’s not right with Lily. When she finally learns the truth about her young roommate, Emily must fight for her life.

7). Friday the 13th

A brother is searching for his missing sister when she and her friends never returned from their camping trip. The police are convinced she ran off with her boyfriend, but Clay isn’t convinced his sister, Whitney, would do that. While handing out missing-person posters, Clay meets a group of people staying at a lake house. Little do they know, they’re not far from Camp Crystal Lake.

In this reboot, a new generation recounts the tales of a young boy who supposedly drowned in the lake, which sent his mother on a murderous rampage. At first, they don’t believe it, but as fans of the Friday the 13th franchise know, Jason’s never far away.

8). The Final Destination

You can’t cheat death. When the Grim Reaper comes knocking, there’s no escape. But what if you were to see your death before it happens? Can you survive then? Yes, but only until a breeze blows through the air, signaling your time’s come.

After leaving a speedway moments before a catastrophic accident, Nick and his group of friends survive what was suppose to be their demise. But, just as it’s done in the other Final Destination movies, death always comes back.

9). Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer is the girl every girl wants to be and every guy wants to date. Some find it strange that Jennifer—a cheerleader—is best friends with the nerdy, quiet Needy. But their curiosities about their friendship are gone when students start to disappear.

Jennifer reveals that something happened to her recently that changed her. More specifically, turned her into a succubus. Can Needy get her best friend back, or is it already too late?

What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie from 2009?

Which of these horror movies will you be binging this weekend? Did your favorite film make the list? Comment your favorite movie, then let me know which year I should do next!

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