My October TBR

Friends, the time has finally come.

We’ve sat, patiently waiting for this day, for a whole year. But the wait is over. We are officially in the best month of the year!

To celebrate all things spooky that come with October, I’m continuing my trend of reading horror books this month. I have a mix of new tales of horror and classics I have yet to read, so let’s stop talking and see what’s in my TBR pile this month!

Salem’s Lot

So, full disclosure: I’ve put off reading ‘Salem’s Lot for years. Why? Because I caught a glimpse of the 1979 film adaptation and didn’t sleep for weeks. I refused to come anywhere near anything ‘Salem’s Lot related for years. That, and the fact that there’s a James Wan adaptation in the works means it’s the perfect time to read it, right?

Struck with writer’s block, Ben Mears returns home in hopes that the local mansion—a source of town lore—will help inspire his next novel. What he gets is so much more. Realizing something’s not quite right with Jerusalem’s Lot, Ben faces forces of evil beyond his wildest belief.

Home Before Dark

If you’ve been following me at all over this past year of reading, you know that Riley Sager has made frequent appearances. It’s bittersweet, but this month marks me reading the final novel by Sager. Needless to say, he’s quickly become one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend you check him out!

Maggie Holt, an expert at renovating old homes, inherits the childhood home she and her parents fled from when she was a little child. Apparently, there were malevolent spirits who tormented the family to the point of fleeing. Maggie doesn’t believe any of it, even after reading her father’s non-fiction novel about their experiences. The house’s dark past quickly repeats, sending Maggie smack in the middle of the events mentioned in her father’s book.

The Haunting of Hill House

Four individuals enter Hill House. But will all four leave?

At first, they believe the house has been rigged to scare them with strange sounds and self-closing doors. But that’s anything but the truth. The house has something else, something far more sinister, in mind for these individuals.

The Amityville Horror

Many know the story of the DeFeo murders that took place at 112 Ocean Avenue. Any true horror lover knows the story of the Lutz family and how they fled the home just 28 days after moving in. This novel tells the true tale of horror the George and Kathleen Lutz experienced in the short period they called this house of horrors their home.

What Are You Reading?

Any other horror lovers out there filling their days with spookums like me? I’m curious what spooky stories are piling up on your bedside table this month. Not a fan of horror? I say this every month, but I’m always on the hunt for my next favorite book, so please always share your book recommendations.

Happy reading, and happy hauntings!