My September TBR

Today’s September 1st. You know what that means? Spooky Season 2021 has officially started!

To honor the absolute best time of the year, I have something super special planned. Throughout the season, I’ll only be reading horror books to really get in the mood. Yes, I’ve read horror other times this year, but not to this degree. I’m talking about all horror, all the time.

I think I’ve talked about it enough. Let’s see what books we’re starting off with!

The Twisted Ones

Cleaning out your deceased grandmother’s cabin is never a fun time, especially when you realize your grandmother was a hoarder. One thing that sticks out to Mouse when cleaning is her grandfather’s journal. At first glance, it’s nothing more than the random thoughts of an aging man. But that changes when she starts experiencing the same things he documented.

Will the things that go bump in the night overcome Mouse? Or can she survive to tell the tale?

The Last Time I Lied

As a child at summer camp, Emma’s bunkmates disappeared in the night, never to be seen again. As an adult, Emma returns to the summer camp to work as a counselor. She quickly discovers the gig wasn’t what she was expecting…constant security cameras and clues from her missing bunkmates weren’t part of the job description.

Will Emma be able to finally solve the mystery of what happened that night fifteen years ago?


A writer. A superfan. A car accident. Need I say more?

After a car accident, Annie Wilkes tends to Paul Sheldon—her favorite author—to nurse him back to health. But at what cost, as Paul soon learns he’s being kept captive by his biggest fan.

Kill River

80s slasher is back with Kill River. When four friends stumble onto an abandoned water park, they think they’re in for a night they’ll never forget. Not long into the fun, they learn they’re not alone. Will Cyndi and her friends survive the night? Or will they fall victim to the mysterious man, never to return to camp?

What Are You Reading?

What books are you reading this month? Are you getting in the Halloween spirit early like I am? As someone who’s always on the hunt for my next favorite book, I’m always down for book suggestions!

2 thoughts on “My September TBR

  1. Dave Williams says:

    Of these books, I’ve only read Misery and really enjoyed it. King created such a creepy character with Annie Wilkes, and how she tried to keep her favorite writer from leaving the house. And King mixed up the story by adding chapters from the book that Paul Sheldon is writing. Of the other books, “The Twisted Ones” sounds interesting — I’ll have to add to my TBR list.

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