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My Massive Book Haul

Ok, so full disclosure. My original plan was to restock my bookshelves with all new books and write a blog about how I purchased however many books with my $200 budget. For someone who isn’t a bookworm, $200 on books may sound like a lot, but I promise you it’s not. It’s not nearly enough.

The problem I quickly ran into wasn’t that I couldn’t get many books to fit in my budget. I think I got 15 or so books with that. Thanks, Thriftbooks for your incredible prices and free books! My problem was that I found too many books I wanted to read thanks to all you wonderful people on Bookstagram. Couple the influx of books recommendations and Thriftbooks‘ irresistible prices—seriously, where else can you find books for under $5?—and I couldn’t stop buying books.

So, instead of bragging about my ability to snag a dozen or so books and stick to a budget, this blog is now a massive book haul blog that shows off all the cool reads I’ve purchased over the past month or two.

I’m sure you fellow book lovers out there won’t mind!

Classic Books

As a kid, I loved reading. I was one of those people who would bring five books on vacation with me so I’d always have something to read. Once I got into middle school, my love for reading dropped off. I read a few books, but it wasn’t until last year that my love for reading was reignited.

Since I read maybe five or six books over the course of ten years, I missed out on reading the classics.

A goal of mine is to read “books I missed the first time around,” which includes popular books—like the Hunger Games trilogy I read last year—and the classics. To start off my dive into the classics, I decided to go with Emma and Pride and Prejudice.

In addition to these two books, I recently stumbled on a collection of limited edition copies of classics. With only 10,000 editions produced of these books, I’ve been trying to collect as many as possible.

So far, I’ve added Emma, Jane Eyre, Persuasion, and The Wonderland Collection. Since these editions are so beautiful, you can guarantee I’ll be adding more of these books to my mini library as often as I can.

Horror Books

horror books

As an aspiring horror author, it should come as no surprise that horror is one of my favorite genres to read. With that being said, I’ve added four horror books to my massive TBR pile that I can’t wait to read in the coming months.

I’ve been looking to grow my Stephen King library, so when I got this 1987 version of Misery from Thriftbooks, I was super stoked. While it’s the copyright of the publication year, I can’t officially confirm it’s a first edition, however, I like to say it’s one of the first editions of Misery.

On top of that, I’ve heard wonderful things about both The Only Good Indians and The Twisted Ones, so of course, I had to get both of those. Finally, to wrap up the true horror books from this haul, I have Kill River, a 1980s slasher-like novel that I’ve been trying to find in paperback for months now. When I finally found it, I purchased it right away!

Thriller Books

While horror is likely my favorite genre, thrillers are a close second. I love that there’s a lot of cross-over between horror and thrillers so I truly get the best of both worlds. I also love that these books have the ability to keep me on my toes until the last page. Some of the best books I’ve read so far this year have been thrillers for this exact reason.

If you’ve been following along with my monthly TBR blogs, you know that I’m a huge Riley Sager fan. I’ve read two out of his four published books, and I can’t wait until his fifth novel, Survive the Night, is released at the end of this month. My goal is to read all of his novels this year, so it’s a given that Home Before Dark and Lock Every Door is included in this haul.

Two more novels that continue to end up in my recommended feed are The Push and The Whisper Man. Additionally, Horrorstor and The Sun Down Motel both piqued my interest by reading the book blurb on the back, so those two books bring the total of thriller books to 6.

Romance Books

As much as I love horror and thrillers, sometimes these genres can be a little too much. When that happens, I turn to romance/contemporary romance/romcom/whatever genre you want to call it. These light-hearted reads are the perfect palate cleanser between the heavy stuff.

Beach Read was included in my original book haul, but The Flatshare, The Wedding Date, and The Hating Game were all add ons within the weeks of my first purchase thanks to the incredible things I’ve heard about each of these novels.

Fantasy Books

I don’t think I’ve ever read a fantasy book. Well, thanks to the bombardment of fantasy recommendations, that’s about to change. I had my eye on The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue since the start of the year, but A Curse so Dark and Lonely and From Blood and Ash were purchased solely based on the number of people recommending these books.

I swear every time I go on Instagram someone’s raving about From Blood and Ash.

Please don’t let me down, Bookstagram!

Teen/Coming-of-Age Books

Another book that continues to show up in my Bookstagram feed, I finally gave in and bought The Selection. Well, without giving anything away, I can say I wasn’t disappointed. Hence the very recent purchase of The Elite and The One before I finished the first book of the series.

I was going to purchase The Heir and The Crown at the same time, but I told myself I needed to stop buying books and finish at least The Elite before completing the series.

I had my eye on The Saturday Night Ghost Club for many months now. That was part of my May TBR list both because of how much I love the cover—even though I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover—and because of the book description. Like with The Selection, this novel didn’t disappoint.

If you’re hesitant to read young adult/coming-of-age books because you’re an adult, you’re missing out!

General Fiction Books

Finally, we wrap up my massive book haul with three general fiction novels that I’ve heard wonderful things about. The Midnight Library is what I’m reading at the time of writing this, and it’s quite an interesting read. All the Light We Cannot See has actually been on my radar since it was released in 2014, but I never purchased it because that was during The Dark Times, AKA when I boycotted reading for no reason.

First, I love sharks. One day, I hope to swim with them. So, usually, any book that has anything to do with sharks I’m sure to read. That’s one of the reasons Sharks in the Time of Saviors ended up in my TBR pile. Add that with all the amazing things I heard about this book, and I was sold.

What Books Should Be in My Next Book Haul?

It’s extremely immature of me to already be thinking about my next book haul when I have close to 30 books that need to be read, but that’s the life of a book lover.

What books would you recommend I include in my next book haul? Let me know in the comments because, as you can probably tell, I’m always on the hunt for my next favorite book!

3 thoughts on “My Massive Book Haul

  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! You got a lot of gret books for that budget, now i’m jealous. I don’t want to get rid of my old books but my problem is adding more to a bookshelf that already won’t hold anymore. Great haul!

    Liked by 1 person

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