My June TBR List

By the time you read this, chances are summer is already here. The days are ticking away, slowly reaching the 20th which marks the official start of the summer activities. And, what better summer activity than binging plenty of great books? That’s exactly what I plan to do this month, which is why I have four books lined up and a few on back-up in case I finish these ahead of schedule.

What am I reading this month? Let’s find out!

The Selection

35 women enter the palace and fight for a chance at becoming the next princess. What could possibly go wrong?

For starters, America Singer never wanted to return the application after being invited to the Selection. Her mother begged her to join by reminding her the families of the selected are generously compensated…something her socially lower family would benefit greatly from. She agreed to consider it, but it wasn’t until her secret boyfriend made her promise she’d apply. With thousands of applicants, there’s no way she would be chosen. But she is.

Now, America must do not only what’s right for her but also what’s right for her family. Then, when she meets Prince Maxon, she must also do what’s right for him and the country.

Why It’s On My TBR List

The Selection is a book that has popped up on my Bookstagram page time and time again. Every time someone recommends a book it seems to always be included. I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought the book that’s been described to have major Hunger Games vibes.

Friends of Bookstagram, please don’t let me down!

The Maidens

Tragedy strikes Cambridge University when a young student who is part of a secret society known as “The Maidens” is murdered. Cambridge alumna Mariana and group therapist has suspicions that Edward Fosca, the Greek tragedy professor at the university, is to blame.

No one else believes her suspicions, especially since he has an alibi for the night of the murder. But when another girl is found dead, Mariana decides she must prove Edward’s guilt before anything else happens. Can she prevent another death, or will she lose her own life in the process?

Why It’s On My TBR List

After listening to my reading friends, I read The Silent Patient earlier this year. I was blown away. When I found out that Alex Michaelides had another novel coming out this summer, there was never a question as to whether or not I was going to read it.

The Midnight Library

Have you ever played the “What If” game? You think back to an event that seemed to have no real importance at the time, only to look back years down the road and wonder, “What if I….” Would your life have turned out differently? Would you have purposefully made other choices to see what could have happened?

Between life and death, you have this chance by visiting the library. Here, endless rows of books occupy the room where you can try out another life that could have been your own, to see how things could have been different.

This is the choice that Nora must make. What happens if she followed a different career path or rekindled an old relationship? There’s only one way to find out.

Why It’s On My TBR List

As someone who constantly plays the “What If” game, the concept of The Midnight Library captured my attention as soon as I read the description. I’ve often thought about whether or not I’d take up the opportunity to go back in time and change my mind.

Since that’s not an option, I’ll live vicariously through Nora and see how her life could be different if she chooses to open a book.

Beach Read

Augustus and January are both authors struggling with writer’s block, but they couldn’t be any more different. January writes heartfelt romance novels while Augustus writes literary fiction that’s often plagued with death. But neither seem to have their heart in their genre anymore.

What’s two struggling authors to do? Change genres, of course!

They agree to spend the next few months swapping genres to get out of their creative ruts. But, with a seasoned romance author and another working on his first lighthearted, happy novel, there’s bound to be chemistry.

Why It’s On My TBR List

I have been waiting months to add this book to my list. It’s been close to three months that it’s been on my shelf. On rainy days, I consider picking it up. Somehow I resisted. I told myself to save it as my designated book for my staycation at the end of this month.

I don’t care who you are or what you normally read. I’m a strong believer that reading a feel-good romance novel is a must in the summer.

What Are You Reading in June?

I have a mix of young adult, psychological thriller, literary fiction, and romance on my reading plate this month. What about you? Do you typically stick to one genre or like to mix things up some? Have any summer-themed novels you’re planning to read?

Let me know in the comments! I’m always eager to find my next favorite read.

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