My April TBR List

It’s April, which means two things: spring is officially here (and hopefully to stay) and it’s time for a new TBR list!

In March, I took a horror approach to my reading list. This month, I’m catching up on my Book of the Month Club books. In March, I couldn’t decide on just one of the listed books, so I bought two. This month, the same thing happened. Each book is a different genre, so it’s perfect to mix them all in at the same time.

What books am I reading this month? Let’s find out!

The Lost Apothecary

In the eighteenth century, there were whispers of a secret apothecary where women could purchase anything needed for their maladies. But, behind a secret door, women could purchase poisons in which they’d use to kill the men in their lives. Present day, Caroline goes mudlarking and finds one of the secret apothecary vials. This sets off a string of events, all leading toward the hope of past meeting present.

Why It’s on my TBR List

The Lost Apothecary is listed as a historical fantasy. Typically, I don’t read much historical fiction, and I’ve never read fantasy. With its intriguing plot, I figured now was the perfect time to explore a bit more of this unique genre.

Plus, I had The Lost Apothecary on my Goodreads “Want to Read” list for a short period of time now. When I saw it was one of Book of the Month Club’s books for March, I knew it was time to take the plunge!

People We Meet on Vacation

Doesn’t it seem like everyone can tell when two people are in love? That is, everyone except for the two people who are in love? That’s exactly what happens with best friends Poppy and Alex. Every year, they go on vacation together, but then they stop and haven’t spoken to one another for two years.

Poppy convinces Alex to go on one more vacation together, but can she spill the beans on the secret she’s been hiding?

Why It’s on My TBR List

Leading up to the release of the April books, I was hoping there would be a light-hearted, romance book offered this month. After reading three horror novels in a row, I need a bit of a pallet cleanser. As soon as I saw People We Meet on Vacation and read the quick synopsis, I was hooked!

Plus, with the weather warming up, reading about vacations sounds like the perfect thing.

Too Good to Be True

First comes love, then comes marriage. For Skye, that’s almost the case. Her boyfriend Burke proposes to her, and she’s over-the-moon with the possibility of their future. That is, until she finds out that Burke isn’t who he says he is. Burke has his own agenda, but perhaps Skye has a plan of her own. Only time will tell.

Why It’s on My TBR List

Too Good to Be True is a thriller novel that I’ve read will keep me on my toes. After having read a handful of thrillers so far this year and loving the twists and turns they provide, I had to see just how far things can unravel for Skye and Burke.

Arsenic and Adobo

After a breakup, Lila moves back home with the goal of helping keep her Tita’s restaurant afloat. Not only that, but she must endure the constant matchmaking of her Titas. And, if that wasn’t enough, a notoriously mean food critic—also known as her ex-boyfriend—arrives at the restaurant and drops dead. Because of their history, Lila is a suspect, but she’s determined to clear her name.

Why It’s on My TBR List

I haven’t read many mystery novels, but Arsenic and Adobo seemed like the perfect place to start. With its more light-hearted, comedic mood—not to mention the theme of food—I had no choice but to give Arsenic and Adobo a read!

What Are You Reading this Month?

Are you reading light-hearted, spring tales or a mix of genres like me? Let me know what you’re reading. I’m always looking for great book recommendations!