Where to Find Exclusive Book Updates + More

Do you want to read more this year? Have you ever wanted to gain exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the life of an author? When you join my exclusive book club, you gain all this and more. Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

What is My Book Club?

Think of my book club as your go-to place for excusive access to book information, Q&A, and much more. This once-monthly newsletter is the fastest and easiest way to learn more about me, my books, and anything else you might want to know about.

My book club is also where you’ll learn more about upcoming [virtual] events, participate in exclusive community events, and much more. With all this, you surely won’t want to miss this.

Features of My Book Club

Each newsletter features a collection of information you’re sure to love. Some categories included in my newsletter are:

  • Monthly recap
  • List of previous month’s blogs
  • Book updates
  • Q&A

All this and more is just one click away!

How to Join my Free Book Club

To get your name on the book club list, simply fill out this form. All you need is to add your name and email, and you’ll be on the list just in time for the first newsletter of 2021.

The first newsletter of the year is scheduled to go out on Thursday, so make sure to sign up now!

Join My Book Club Today

Still haven’t joined my book club yet? What are you waiting for? Click this link to join one of the coolest book community around today!

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