30 Memes All Book Lovers Can Relate To

As a book nerd, you travel to new worlds, meet new people, and fall in love/hate every day. Your friends and family might give you a hard time because of your reading addiction, but that’s just because they can’t relate to the struggle you face as a reader.

Just because your friends and family might not understand, that doesn’t mean you’re alone in your ventures. To prove my point, here are 30 book-themed memes that all book lovers can relate to!

1). Whenever Someone Mentioned the Bookstore

You can rest assured, anytime someone says they’re going to the bookstore—or anywhere near the bookstore for that matter—you’ll be by their side.

2). Did Someone Say Sale?

I swear I had no clue there was a sale today…

3). You Can Never Buy Just One Book

I challenge you to go into the bookstore and plan to get one book and not leave without extras.

4). Then You See the Pile of Books You Already Have

Well, at least you have a lot to choose from.

5). No More Books…For Now

You promise yourself, and your books, that you won’t buy more books until you’ve finished reading the books you already own. But deep down you know it’s a lie.

6). When it’s Time to Start Reading

Where will this adventure take you? Only time will tell.

7). Can’t You See I’m Busy

If there’s a book in my hand, don’t ask me to do something.

8). One More Chapter…I Promise

Anyone who says the one more chapter saying isn’t real has clearly never read.

9). Isn’t My Book a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign?

How dare you interrupt me when I’m reading!

10). Don’t Be an Ignorant Swine

If they’re not a book lover, they don’t understand the importance of your book…and the importance of not being disturbed.

11). Now I’m Really Gonna Stop Reading

Just kidding.

12). There’s Still Plenty of Time for Sleep

Four hours is still plenty of time to seep.

13). But Who Really Needs Sleep

Sleep is irrelevant when you’re in the middle of a good book.

14). When You Have to Stop Reading

Just as long as everyone knows you’d A. Must rather be reading, and B. Are just thinking about your book, everyone will make it through the day just fine.

15). No Thanks, I’m Reading

When you watch all your friends and co-workers go out for happy hour after work, but you’re perfectly content reading.

16). You Must Keep Reading to Confirm Your Suspicions

You need to keep reading to confirm your theories about the protagonist.

17). Seriously, Don’t Bother Me When I’m Reading

Have you not learned your lesson yet?

18). When the One More Chapter Rule No Longer Applies

It doesn’t matter how late it is. When there’s a plot twist, you need to keep reading.

19). The Bad Kind of Plot Twist

Why would they do such a thing?

20). The Worst Kind of Plot Twist

How could you do this to me?

21). The “Why Did You Do This” Plot Twist

Now you have to wait until they decide to release the next book…there’s gonna be a next book, right?

22). The Plot Twist No One Asked For

Dear book publishers,

Please don’t put the movie poster on the cover of books.

23). So Now What?

It’s nearly impossible jumping into something else right after finishing a good book. We need time to relax, heel, and debrief everything that just happened…kinda like a flight home from a trip.

24). Reintegrating into Society

You mean it’s not [insert year the book takes place here]??

25). The Worst Return to Reality

When it’s been close to a year since you last interacted with reality because you were too busy reading a book series.

26). But Now You Have Nothing to Read

What am I supposed to do with my life when I have no books to read?

27). Time For Another Trip

Looks like it’s back to the bookstore we go!

28). Having no More Room for Books

Just kidding. That’s never stopped a book lover before.

29). When Bookmarks are for Quitters

To be fair, this is also the friend who hasn’t read a book since high school.

30). When Someone Asks What Your Hobbies Are

It’s simple: Books

There’s a Book Meme for All Readers

Book lovers, don’t let anyone make you feel different because you’d rather spend time with your fictional friends than with your real friends. There’s a book meme out there that perfectly sums up your life. And for every book meme, there’s another reader out there just waiting to read the same book as you!

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