My January TBR

A new month, a new year. That means it’s time to plan out the books I’m going to read this month. Having received a handful of books over the holidays—with treating myself to another handful of books—it was hard to narrow down which books I wanted to prioritize this month.

After spending some time thinking through length, varying genres, and more, I’ve decided on the books I’ve added to my January TBR list.

The books I’ve decided on are the physical copies of books I received, meaning I’ll put my Kindle eBooks on hold for the time being, however, I plan to mix those in when I’m in need of a quick, on-the-go read.

1). That Time of Year

That Time of Year was included in the Book Riot list, “Best Books of 2020.” This is actually how I added a dozen or two books to my TBR. Author Marie NDiaye, translated by Jordan Stump, shares a terrifying tale about what happens when a family stays longer than usual at their summer home. The weather suddenly changes, strange figures appear, and—worse yet—the locals don’t seem to care.

Why Its on My January TBR List

Being just 136 pages, I thought starting the year off on a quick read is the perfect thing to do. I was first drawn to this novel because of the premise. I’m one of the people who find the unknown rather scary, so the concept that a picturesque town you’ve vacationed at for years could be a front for something terrifying intrigues me.

I also hardly read foreign novels, so reading a French novel translated was a great way to expand my reading beyond what I’m sued to. Plus, this is an opportunity to check off the crime novel or thriller in translation category off my Reading Women Challenge.

2). Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

People feel the need to belong, whether that be with co-workers, friends, or family. Tribe is a nonfiction novel that looks at the psychological, historical, and anthropological reasons people feel the need to belong…to find their own tribe.

Why Its on My January TBR List

If you know anything about me and my personal life, you know that fitness is a huge part of my life. Being engaged to a personal trainer only puts fitness higher on my pedestal. Looking for new ways to challenge my body and mind, we decided to purchase rucks and join the GORUCK Tribe.

Part of joining this club is to—if you want—read a book. I also don’t read enough nonfiction, so I’m excited to challenge myself to this new genre.

3). Water for Elephants

Isn’t there something wildly fascinating about the circus, especially in the early 1900s? Water for Elephants takes readers back in time to the 1930s and introduces you to the members of a circus and the dark secrets, romances, and bonds that accompany this experience.

Why Its on My January TBR List

Water for Elephants is one of those novels that I missed out on when it was popular. I’ve always been interested in it, but somehow it never made it onto my list. I went for a walk on Christmas Eve and found myself at the Little Free Library near my house. It was serendipitous that I found this novel on the shelves, so I brought it home and vowed to bump in toward the top of my reading list.

4). The Dating Plan

Who doesn’t need a little Romcom in their lives? I know it’s always a much-appreciated genre—especially while the pandemic is nearing its second year—when a light-hearted read is in need. The Dating Plan follows the tale of a couple and the early stages of their engagement. The only problem? It’s a fake engagement. Can they pull off this farce and fool their families?

Why Its on My January TBR List

I recently joined Book of the Month Club! This was one of the books I gifted myself. It was a hard choice which book to read this month, but I decided to go with The Dating Plan because of its varying genre from what I’m used to. I was also excited that this is an early release read!

5). Conjure Women

Another novel discovered by Book Riot’s article, Conjure Women tells the tale of three women in the south before and after the Civil War. You’ll find yourself time traveling as you see how the Civil War affects different people and the risks they’ll take to preserve what’s important to them.

Why Its on My January TBR List

Historical fiction isn’t a genre I usually dabble with. However, as soon as I read the description of this novel I was immediately drawn to it. I recently visited Gettysburg for the first time—actually twice within the same calendar year…pre COVID, of course—and found myself wanting to learn even more about the Civil War and how it affected people. What better way than by reading a book that was named Best Book of the Year by places like Book Riot, NPR, New York Times, and other sources?

What Books Are on Your TBR List?

January’s a great time to catch up on the 2020 books you may have missed out on. It’s also a great time to map out the new releases you plan to read in the coming months. With it being so early in the month, now’s the perfect time to figure out which books you’ll read this month.

Let me know what you’re planning on reading and why in the comments!

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