12 Days of Creepy Christmas: Horror-Themed Christmas Movies

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of horror movies you can watch to curb the inner horror lover in you. Christmas, believe it or not, is the perfect time to catch up on plenty of holiday-themed horror movies.

With a little more than 12 days before Christmas, I’ve curated this list of 12 horror-themed Christmas movies that will check off two boxes at once.

Ready to get your holiday horror on? Keep reading!

Silent Night, Deadly Night

“You see Santa Claus tonight, you better run, boy!”

Billy Chapman is orphaned after his parents are murdered by a serial killer dressed as Santa Claus. Growing up, he takes Christmas and all things related to Santa. As time goes on, he’s able to cope with his trauma. That is until he’s asked to play Santa at the department store where he works.


The hottest holiday toy is a little more naughty than nice. When a struggling actor is offered a role to play the life-sized version of Pooka, the next great toy, everything starts out great. Not too later, things start to go horribly wrong for Wilson and those closest in his life.

Please note: Pooka! does include scenes with red and blue flashing lights that may be problematic for those who are photosensitive.


Santa Claus brings gifts to those who were good that year. Those who were bad are paid a visit from Krampus.

When holiday arguing leads to Max losing the festive spirit, Krampus is summoned. Max and his family must survive the wrath of this horned demon in the hopes of saving Christmas.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Looking for a family-friendly horror Christmas movie? A Nightmare Before Christmas is just what you’re looking for. This Tim Burton favorite features Jack Skellington on his quest for something bigger than Halloween.

When he discovers Christmas Town, he thinks he’s finally figured it out…but that’s before things don’t go according to plan.

Black Christmas

Christmas break is something all college kids look forward to. Finals are done for the semester and it’s a time to head home and catch up with old friends. Although, when a snowstorm prevents a group of sorority sisters from going home, they plan to hunker down in their house and wait out the storm.

A killer on the loose has other plans for these sorority sisters. Will they be able to make it through the storm? More importantly, can they survive the killings and make it home for Christmas?

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Did someone say garbage day?

In Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, we follow the tale of Ricky, Billy’s younger brother, as he talks to a psychiatrist about following in his murderous brother’s footsteps.

Jack Frost

What do you get when you cross a serial killer and a snowman? Jack Frost, of course!

In this vengeful horror movie, serial killer Jack Frost seeks to punish those who sentenced him to death. The only problem? An accident on the way to his execution leaves turns him into a snowman.


Never expose it to bright light. Don’t feed it after midnight. Never get it wet.

The rules of the mogwai are easy…at first. But when owner Billy Peltzer’s new pet, Gizmo, accidentally gets wet, things start to go horribly wrong on Christmas Eve. Gremlins is another family-approved horror Christmas movie.

Better Watch Out

Babysitting’s a drag, especially when the kid you’re watching has a major crush on you. How could the night get any worse? A break-in and armed robbery is a good place to start. Now, Ashley and Luke have no choice but to fight for their life.

A Nasty Piece of Work

Some people work hard for promotions. Other people are asked to murder their competition. Ted and Gavin have worked tirelessly for a chance at a promotion, but when their boss invites him to their home for a private holiday party, they soon find out this is a holiday party unlike any other.

Secrets are revealed, guns are shot, and at the end of the night, a promotion is awarded all in the name of Christmas.


There’s nothing worse than working late, well except maybe getting locked in the parking garage with an absolute psycho. Angela thought working late on Christmas Eve was a real killer, but she soon finds that surviving his many traps is something else entirely. How can she escape when there’s nowhere to go?

Anna and the Apocalypse

Christmas songs are part of the holiday fun, right? In the mood for new holiday songs? Anna and the Apocalypse has the holiday hits you’re looking for.

When there’s an outbreak of a virus and the whole town turns to zombies, Anna and her group of friends must find a way to get out of town alive in this hauntingly beautiful Christmas musical.

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