5 Spooky Podcasts to Get You in the Halloween Mood

It’s October, which means Spooky Season is in full swing. Whether you’re decorating your house for Halloween or, like me, like to get spooked any time of the day, I have the perfect podcasts for you.

Each of these podcasts is in the paranormal realm, so you’re sure to easily get in the mood.

In one of my first blog posts, I wrote was about two horror podcasts that I was binging at the moment. While I still listen to these podcasts, they won’t be included in this list. Although, you should definitely still check them out!

Campfire Tales

Do you miss those days huddled around the campfire telling spooky stories? If so, the Scared to Death podcast is just what you’re looking for. Comedian Dan Cummings and his wife Lynzee Cummings take turns sharing spooky stories.

Dan will share two stories, typically one scary one that’s followed by an even scarier story, that others have claimed to be true paranormal encounters. Then, when Dan is finished, Lynzee will take her turn and share listener-submitted stories.

Some of the spooky stories that have been shared on this podcast include ghost stories, aliens abductions, shadow people and so much more.

In for a super scare? Check out their podcasts on YouTube to check out their terrifying setting.

Quick Listens

Don’t have a lot of time? Just can’t commit to a podcast over 45 minutes? The It’s Hunted…What Now? podcast has a bunch of spooky short stories that are usually 30 minutes or less in length.

Lanie hosts this spooktacular podcasts. In this, these listener-submitted stories are sure to have you shaking in your seat while you listen.

What’s even better is that each story reads only a few minutes in length, so if you’re really pressed for time you can listen to one story at a time.

Limited Series

Are you looking for a podcast to start but don’t are intimidated with the hundreds of episodes the channel has already produced? Consider listening to a limited series podcast, like Full Body Chills.

Anyone who’s heard of Crime Junkies or Supernatural knows who Ashley Flowers is. Flowers is at it again with the Full Body Chills limited horror series with only 10 episodes.

While there are only a few episodes to listen to, this podcast provides a whole lot of spooky stories that are sure to keep you up at night.

Another benefit to Full Body Chills is that these podcasts are all under 45 minutes in length, which is perfect for when you’re in a time crunch.

Movie Review

Do you remember watching your first horror movie? For me, the first horror movie I watched was IT when I was seven. It was a wild experience, but one I would never get back…until now.

Join avid horror fan Alex Goldman as he screens a new horror movie each week for scaredy-cat PJ Vogt in The Scaredy Cats Horror Show. Together, Vogt and Goldman set out to see if it’s possible to turn someone who hates horror into a horror fan.

This limited series movie review podcast works their way up from a not-so-scary movie to Get Out.

Fully Immersive

The NoSleep Podcast is like you have access to hundreds of horror short stories for free. This podcast utilizes voice actors, mood-setting music, and sound effects. The result? A terrifying 60+-minute immersive story.

From monsters and myths to ghosts and ghouls, The NoSleep Podcast will have you looking over your shoulder even hours after the episode ends.

Can’t get enough of these immersive spooky stories? There are 15 seasons worth of episodes, so you’ll always have plenty to binge.

Ready to Get Spooked? Listen if You Dare

Ready to get in the spooky mood? Here are five horror-themed podcasts that are sure to get you in the Halloween mood.

Did your favorite horror podcast not make the list? Leave a comment on your favorite binge-worthy podcast!

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