How to Escape the Horrors of the Real World

Updated eBook Cover-01Are you looking to escape the horrors of the real world that seem to be all around us lately? If so, I have just what you’re looking for. Lost Girls, my first novel was published just over one year ago with a major cliffhanger. Finally, you’ll learn the truth about Felicity Walker and Brady Parker.

Recently re-released, Lost Girls is now published with a teaser for its upcoming sequel. You heard me right—the sequel to Lost Girls is officially in the works!

What’s even better is that for the next 2weeks, the re-released version of Lost Girls is available for only $0.99. Stop by your favorite book retailer to get your version today!

Here’s a taste of what to expect in the sequel

Sitting on the edge of the bed defeated, Felicity’s shoulders sank. There had to be a reason she needed to come here, she thought again. Just then, as if following a stage cue, the closet door opened. That was it—that was the sign she was looking for. She clicked on her flashlight, eager for the new discovery that lied ahead. For the last two years, she’d been spending nearly all of her time trying to figure out why Brady chose her. He said he’d been watching her before he kidnapped her, something he hadn’t done with either Lydia or Annie. She needed to know what made her—a plain, boring girl from western Washington—so special. Luckily for Felicity, the answers weren’t far behind.

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