#CoronaCantKeepMeDown: 10 Writing Prompts to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing

So…..this is not the post I planned to share this week, but in light of the outbreak and several areas on lockdown—one of which is my county—because of the COVID-19 outbreak I thought now’s as good a time as any to help fellow writers and creative individuals get inspiration for their next masterpiece.

Stay Busy During Lockdown By WritingI’ve seen so many social media posts about communities coming together during this time of isolation, so what better way to bring together the creative community than by sharing creative prompts to help spark inspiration? So, with that being said, here are 10 creative writing prompts to help you get through the next few days of this lockdown.

After working on these prompts, feel free to share on your blog, social media accounts, or just share with friends as we continue to build the community. When sharing, make sure to use the hashtag #CoronaCantKeepMeDown so everyone can follow along your creative journey.

  1. “Everyone thought this was the end of the world. I wish they were right. I knew how the world would end, and this was far better than what we had in store.”

  2. Unable to find love on their own, your main character decides to seek the help of professional matchmakers. Write about the first date your character has been matched with.

  3. “People are always concerned about how things will end. I, on the other hand, car more about how things will start.”

  4. Write about your villain’s morning routine.

  5. Circular ending: Start and end your story with this line, “Well, it could’ve turned out much worse.”

  6. Everyone always runs from the Grim Reaper, but you decide to follow him. In a matter of minutes, you know the truth.

  7. “You have to…it’s tradition!”

  8. Your main character finds him/herself stranded in the woods of Romania after an accident. They make their way through the forest and follow a small road into a village. The only problem is that when they arrive in the village the sun had just set.

  9. “When it first started there were 10 and now it’s just us two.”

  10. A family is headed to the beach for a day out. It goes horribly wrong. What happens?

Hopefully, these writing prompts can help keep you busy during this lockdown period. After finishing each prompt, make sure you share your writing prompts on social media using #CoronaCantKeepMeDown. Let’s show the world that a global virus can’t keep the writing community down!

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