New Year, New Blog: Writing Goals for an Indie Author

Geez, where do I even begin? It’s been three whole months since I’ve even considered sitting down and writing anything. Why? That in itself would probably take me a whole month to explain. But the abridged version of what’s been going on is simply that life got in the way of me even thinking remotely creative over the past few months.

First and foremost I got a new job! Better yet, I got a job where I’m writing for 40+ hours a week…and getting paid for it! While at first that sounds super cool and like I’m living the dream, think about that again.

I’m writing 40+ hours a week for work.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I’m doing and have already learned A TON of stuff about writing, editing, and all that fun stuff. But like with any job, there are always some downsides.

Writing for upwards of nine hours a day for work sometimes drains my brain of all words to the point that by Thursday, and especially Friday, I have a hard time even speaking in complete sentences. This makes it difficult to write all day at work and then come home and write for another couple of hours creatively.

And then we talk about time. Oh, the dreaded clock that only allows 24 hours in a day. Not to mention that my commute time dramatically increased from a 15-minute round trip to work to a nearly 90-minute round-trip commute. To accommodate the time of my daily essentials—like getting to and from work, cooking dinner, and trying my hardest to workout 5-6 times a week—I’ve been getting up between four and five o’clock each morning, another big change from sleeping until 8:30 to make it to work by nine.

But don’t take this that I hate my job by any means or that I’ve given up completely on writing. After a few weeks of trying to juggle everything—I actually started this job the week that my second book came out—I decided to grant myself a break as to try and not overload myself.

Now that I’ve transitioned into my new role and have somewhat perfected my new, early-bird schedule, I’m ready to get back into writing. And, what better way to get back into it than at the start of a new year?

So, here are some short- and long-term goals I have for this upcoming year:

  • Re-release Lost Girls as a second edition later this month
  • Post more on my blog
  • Re-start my monthly newsletter
  • Stop outlining and start writing (my next book)
  • Work on some fun mini-projects
  • Engage more with my fans

So, now that we got that housekeeping out of the way we can start enjoying all things that the world of generalized writing and horror has to offer.

What are some goals that you have for yourself?

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