Behind The Scenes: An Exclusive Teaser of The Seventh Day

“Matt was the last to put his fingers on the planchette. His fingers hovered above it for a moment. His body begged him not to do this, even his brain was telling him this won’t work in his favor, but it was like he was no longer in control of his body. It was like he was cosmically drawn to the planchette and nothing or no one could change that fact. Finally, like a drawn out, dramatic scene of a movie, Matt rested the fingertips of either index finger gingerly on the piece. A surge of electricity blew through the forest like the aftershock of a nuclear weapon. It pulled the breath from Matt’s lungs and fed into the whirling energy that flowed around them. The rustling of dying leaves clung to their last bit of hope as their silhouettes danced against the black sky. Zack, Chip, and Taylor’s expressions fell flat while they absorbed the coincidence of the sudden windstorm as soon as Matt, the World’s Most Haunted Man as Zack and Chip called him, touched the very same Ouija Board that ruined Matt and his friends’ lives years ago. Matt was frozen without an ounce of emotion like he had died and his upright corpse was all that was left to join his friends.”


The Seventh Day is scheduled to be released this upcoming fall. To learn more about this upcoming release months before anyone else, click here to join Grey’s free book club. In her newsletter leading up to the release, Grey will share book cover options, ways to become a beta or advanced reader, and even share her book trailer before its premiere online. With big, exciting things happening in the next few months, you’ll definitely won’t want to miss out.

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