Day 23- Free Day

Congratulations to those who’ve made it this far into the March Creation Challenge with me. Today, to celebrate, you have the choice to create whatever you want.

My free day includes practicing an editing technique I’ve been wanting to experiment with for over a year now—double exposure photography.

For those who don’t know, double exposure is the use of two separate exposures to create a single image.

For today, I used two different stock images since I haven’t tried this before.

The first image I used was this model stock footage that I found on Pixaby. This is the base of the double exposure photograph.


For the trees, I used this photo found on Unsplash.


Both Pixabay and Unsplash are websites where you can get royalty free stock photography, in case you ever needed to use stock footage for yourself.

After all was said and done, I’m pretty happy with the result. I definitely want to try this again in the future especially with my own photographs. So, without further ado, here is the completed edit I did.

Day 23- Free Day.jpg

Let me know what you think about this edit. I’d love your feedback!

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