Day 16- Painting

I think that Bob Ross is an incredible person. The Joy of Painting episodes are some of the most relaxing, magical episodes I have ever seen. The fact that he makes these masterpieces look so seamless enticed others and me to paint along with him. Well, I can tell you from experience that it’s not as seamless and easy as he makes it seem.


It took my fiance and me, who tag-teamed the painting, about three days to finish (probably four-five hours in total). Maybe it’s because we’re both perfectionists, but we had the most impossible time keeping up with the 20-minute episode. We had to stop the video every minute or two so we could paint our own. Also, something you don’t think about while painting along with his wet-on-wet technique, it takes basically forever for the paint to fully dry. And by forever, I mean set aside at least a week for your masterpiece to dry…unless we did it completely wrong and added way too much paint.

Regardless though, I at least had fun painting along. Maybe one day, after giving myself some time to mentally relax, I’ll try it again.

P.S. Sorry for the lesser quality picture. I took this picture of our painting not at home, therefore I didn’t have my camera and lighting equipment readily available. I hope you can look past this and forgive me. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled photography soon.

One thought on “Day 16- Painting

  1. Priscilla Bettis says:

    Your sky is PERFECT, and I love how it’s reflected in the water. I also like the big tree on the right that’s half way out of the picture because it frames the image nicely. It’s a peaceful, pretty painting.


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