Day 10- There Are Three Things You Need To Know

There are three things you need to know before you read this:

  1. Johnny and I are no longer friends
  2. Cauliflower is just white broccoli
  3. My pet elephant controls the weather.

Hi. My name is Benny, and this is the story of how my elephant made it rain cats and dogs.

It all started when Grandma gave me a magic stuffed animal of an elephant after her trip to Africa. Wherever she goes, she always comes back with the craziest, funnest gifts for me.
“When you see a twinkling star, make a wish, hug her close and your wish will come true,” Granda said.
That night I took Chief, my new elephant toy, to the window with me.
High in the sky was a star so bright it glowed and danced in the sky. I knew that had to be my wishing star.
“I wish…” But I couldn’t think of a wish. Then I looked down at Chief in my arms.
I always wanted a pet, but Mom said no. It would be too much work for her since it was just me and her. But I always got lonely when she was at work. I needed a friend.
“I wish that Chief could be real.”
Nothing happened.
I squeezed Chief tighter and made my wish again. But still nothing happened. I gave up on my wish and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up and Chief wasn’t next to me. I checked the floor and under the bed too, but no sign of Chief.
“Oh well,” I sighed. “Stupid wish didn’t work anyway.”
“Benny, get dressed. You’ll be late for school.”
“Okay, Mom.”
I jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. As I was combing my hair I saw the shower curtain wiggle. I stared at it a bit more, but it didn’t move again. I went back to combing my hair, but the curtain moved again. I had to know what was doing it.
I walked over to the curtain with shaky hands. Every few seconds it would wiggle again. Keeping my distance, I tossed back the curtain. My mouth hung open when I saw Chief rolling around in the bathtub.
“You’re real!”
Chief let out a loud squeaking sound that shook the bathroom.
“What’s going on up there?” Mom called from the stairs.
“Nothing,” I lied. “Just a sneeze.”
“Well hurry up. The bus will be here any minute.”
I stared back at Chief in the tub, still surprised that she was alive. I had to think of a way to keep her hidden from Mom.
“Chief, you have to come with me. You need to hide.”
Chief squeaked again.
“Shhh. Come on.”
I waved for Chief to follow me down the hallway and back into my bedroom. I tiptoed so Mom wouldn’t hear, but Chief didn’t know how to yet. She stomped her feet and ran down the hallway, causing the whole house to shake.
“What is going on up there? Slow down, Benny. You sound like a bunch of elephants running around.”
“Sorry, Mom. I’ll be more quiet.”
I turned back to Chief.
“You have to be quiet. Tiptoe.”
I showed Chief how to tiptoe down the hallway. The two of us walked slowly and quietly the rest of the way to my room.
“I have to go to school, Chief.
Chief started to follow me back into the hallway.
“No, Chief. You need to stay here. And stay quiet! I’ll be back in a few hours.”
I shut the door behind me and left Chief all alone in my bedroom.


This is just the beginning of a children’s short story I’ve started. When I have more time, I hope to finish writing this. While this has not yet been completed, it is still protected under US Copyright. All rights are reserved.

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