Day 1- Introductions

My name is Caitlyn Grey.
I’m 23-years-old.
I’m a full-time veterinary technician and part-time indie author.
Here are 5 things you [probably] don’t know about me.

Untitled design.png

  1. After coming home from work I’ll spend 30-minutes taking care of my 5 cats and 2 dogs before I even take my shoes off, sometimes before I take my jacket off.
  2. One of my goals in life is to learn how to play as many musical instruments as I can. So far I can play the piano, violin, harmonica, and I’m learning guitar now.
  3. I call my car my nugget. Professionally, it’s the Nug-mobile.
  4. I have a background in dance and danced for 16 years before transitioning to solo dance parties while I’m alone. Dance is actually how I met my now fiance.
  5. I find myself hilarious, but my comedy extends just to one-liners and zingers. Sadly, not many others find me as funny as I find myself.

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