10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you have a book lover in your life, you may find the holidays a difficult time of the year—especially if you’re not as big a fan of reading like the recipient.

Sure, you could go the tried and true route and get them another book they may or may not like, but what’s the fun in that? Why not take the extra step and knock it out of the park this holiday season with a unique book-themed gift?

This quick holiday gift guide is the perfect, one-stop shop for the bibliophile in your life, with minimum books included!

1. Book Candle


What’s better than the musky aroma of old books? Nothing of course—to a book lover that is. Thanks to the experts at Frostbeard Studios, you can now gift the adored scent of chocolate and coffee brought on by aged literature. Not a fan of the old books smell? Check out any of the other 10+ fiction-inspired candles.

2. Fuzzy Blanket


A cozy blanket is a necessity of any book lover. This Sherpa fleece is the perfect cuddle accessory for a good book. Not only is this blanket super cozy, the Penguin Classic theme with a message all book lovers are thinking makes it a gift you can’t go wrong with.

3. Book Poster


This scratch-off iconic book poster is a great gift for any marathon reader. Featuring both classics such as Macbeth and Pride and Prejudice as well as modern favorites like Harry Potter and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, you can’t go wrong with this gift. The scratch-off poster is also perfect for those who want to read some of the most influential books but are overwhelmed with where to start.

4. Book-Themed Tote

Tote Bag

Everyone needs a bag, so why not get the book lover in your life a comedic tote that perfectly sums up the feeling after finishing an amazing book? They can use this bag to go grocery shopping or, more realistically, be used to bring home the haul of books they snag at the local community book sale. As an extra gift, fill this bag with books, bookmarks, reading lights, or other types of reading goodies.

5. Teabags


Books and tea, have you ever met a more perfect pair? Not even PB&J comes close to the bond tea and books have with each other. If the literary-inspired tea blends from NovelTeas aren’t fun enough by themselves, as an added bonus they come in collectible tins. With options to gift individual blends or the complete collection, this gift is perfect for any budget.

6. Mug


Why not give them something to pour their new tea blend into while you’re at it? Anyone who has a book lover in their life is sure to have heard this saying at least a million times. Why not have the mug say it for them. After all, aren’t they too busy reading?

7. Mystery Book

Book Subscription

Okay, so this is one of the two things on this list that is an actual book. This mystery book subscription service takes the stress out of finding the perfect book for the book lover in your life. All you have to do is let them know the type of book the recipient likes best, and that’s it. Not only does the subscription come with a pre-owned novel, but it also comes with 1-2 extra goodies each month.

8. Audible Gift Card


While this technically isn’t a book, I count this as the second book option on this list. Audiobooks are a great idea for the busy book lover in your life. Thanks to a gift card from Audible, you can get a giftcard for 1, 3, 6, or a 12-month subscription or even a specific audiobook, this gift gives lots of variety. Plus, with various options, it’s a great gift for any budget.

9. Fun Socks


These bookworm socks are the only accessory anyone who dares call themselves a booklover needs. These knee-high socks are the perfect addition to any cozy book and blanket weekend. These socks are perfect to wear with pride or wear subtly while doing anything other than reading.

10. Personal Library Kit


What’s the worst part about being a book lover? Lending out book they love to others, never to be seen again. This personal library kit is reassurance that their favorite books will be returned to them on time. This kit comes with everything needed to set up a personal lending library.

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